*This* is the perfect hoop for you, according to your Zodiac


The recent astrology explosion into mainstream culture has rendered us all guilty of scrolling through numerous zodiac-based blogs to see what the stars have in store for us, laughing our heads off on relatable Instagram memes and giving into the urge to match our crush’s astrology chart with that of ours to find out whether or not they are the perfect match!

 And we truly get it, not only it makes life more fun that way ( something we most certainly needed during the past two years)  it also helps us better understand ourselves as it breaks down some complex ideas about personality, human relationships and general lifestyle patterns, something that potentially gets ignored behind the giggles over an Astro love calculator

Therefore, we too decided to flock to the stars for our everyday jewellery guidance and have curated a mini Hoop Gift Guide for yourself or your loved ones based on zodiac traits that will serve as a kind of cosmic insight for helping you select your go-to hoops


Aries are known for being one of the most fearless and bold zodiac signs, both in their personality and sense of style. They are highly ambitious and their fiery soul is always up for a challenge, hence, the “Bold Hoops” will serve to be the perfect pairs to express their unabashed self!


The bull sign is ruled by the planet of love, aka Venus, and thus are extremely sensuous beings who are enamored by the finer things in life! They are known to have a natural eye for aesthetics and are great at selecting pieces that match their romantic, calm selves. Thus, we are sure that these pretty little “Heart Studs” would certainly be met with a Taurus’s approval.

 Heart Studs


Geminis are extraordinarily curious souls who love to have witty, intellectual conversations about everything under the sun! They are the ones you’ll find dabbling into multiple hobbies and careers (and even friend groups😉). Much like their personality, their personal style is also quite versatile and they don’t like to stick to one particular look, which is why the “Solid Rectangle Studs” are sure to capture these Mercurial twins’ nature.

Solid Rectangle Studs 


These Zodiac nurturers are one of the most empathetic and comforting creatures you’ll ever come across. Take a moment and think back to that one friend you know who gives off a classic Mom-of-the-group energy, chances are they are probably a Cancerian! Much like the qualities associated with their celestial ruler, the Moon, the personal style of this sign gravitates towards sophisticated and feminine pieces that they can cherish for years to come. Gifting the “Pearl Hoops” to them will be the perfect way to appreciate the endless ways in which they look after you.

 Pearl Hoops 


Leos are known to be the natural born leaders of the Zodiac and have a dazzling, vibrant energy that doesn’t shy away from being the centre of attention, on the contrary, their big personalities love it! Much like their spirited animal, the Lion, they have a sense of royalty about them that they happily embrace. These “Crumbled Foil Textured” hoops is sure to delight these fearless optimists.

 Crumbled Foil Textured Earrings 


These logical, pragmatic earthlings are the perfectionists of the zodiac. The only fantasies you’ll ever find them caught up in will be the ones involving a whole lot of organising! (Why, yes it does spark joy😉). They are the ultimate multi-tasker and no matter the problem, will always find a way to solve it. Given their penchant for all things straightforward, a subtle and minimal pair of hoops, like the “Bell Hoops” will be much appreciated by the fuss-free Virgo in your life.

Bell Hoops  


Libra is interestingly the only sign of the Zodiac that is represented by an inanimate object, i.e., the scales, a depiction befitting of their status as the peacemaker. These air signs thrive in all kinds of social settings owing to their infectious charm and friendly demeanour that instantly puts everyone at ease. Like Taurus, they too are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and pleasures which explains their chic, on-trend sense of style. These “Pink Studded Huggies” will be the perfect pair that will transition seamlessly from a Sunday brunch to a night-out with friends.

Pink Studded Huggies 


Scorpios are known for being the most enigmatic, mysterious sun sign of the Zodiac with a magnetic charm that draws everyone towards them. They are highly passionate beings and possess the ability to channel their intensity towards achieving their goals. Much like their personalities, Scorpios enjoy accessories that are clever, crafty and have a bit of an edge to them, which is why, the “Black Baguette Studs” would be the perfect fit for them.

 Black Baguette Studs 


These adventure loving souls have an infectious zeal for life that makes them the most fun people to be around! They are constantly on the search for exciting quests and new experiences that will enlighten their minds. There’s truly never a dull day when you have a Sagittarius for a friend. We believe that the quirky, playful yet philosophical energy of these archers is best expressed by these equally fun “Rainbow Huggies”. 

 Rainbow Huggies 


The sea goats are notoriously famous for being the ultimate go-getters of the Zodiac. They set out clear-cut goals for themselves which they approach with an unparalleled dedication and commitment. Their no-nonsense attitude towards life is mirrored in their personal style, hence, the clean, minimal and classic design of these “CZ Huggies” would most certainly be met with a nod of approval by the Capricorn.

 CZ Huggies


While searching for something to gift to an Aquarius, keep in mind their off -beat, eccentric and unconventional approach towards everything around them. Aquarians are some of the most progressive and philanthropic people you’ll come across with a bent for defying social codes, especially when it comes to advocating for the betterment of others. Come to think of it, some of most famous revolutionaries in history have been Aquarians; Abraham Lincoln, Sarojini Naidu and many more! Hence, we think that the “Tangled Hoops” would be perfect pair to do justice to this Air sign’s free-spirited style

Tangled Hoops 


You can spot this water sign from miles away simply due to the dreamy, hazy look on their faces confirming they are lost in their own (extremely intricate) fantasy world. Although their innate childlike wonder coupled with a deep love for spiritual exploration fuels their creativity and helps them in giving an artistic touch to everything they do. For this whimsical fish, these “Tri-Hoop Studs” will be quite the delightful fit.    

 Tri-Hoop Studs