In honor of International Women’s Day, we are partnering with the Milaan Foundation to sponsor the education of a girl child for a year through their SWARACHNA SCHOOL PROGRAM. Furthermore, in order to create a life-long social impact that will help provide meaningful educational opportunities for more and more girls, we pledge to support the yearly education of a girl child at Milaan after every 6 months.


Milaan Foundation is an organization dedicated towards nurturing, inspiring and empowering adolescent girls to build their own futures by focusing on 4 key areas; Continuation of Secondary Education, Prevention of Gender-Based Violence, Adolescent Health and Well-Being and, Prevention of Child Marriage.


With the dream of making quality education and safe spaces accessible to girls from economically backward families in remote rural areas, in 2007, Milaan initiated the “Swarachna School '' in a rural village named Kaintain in Sitapur District, Uttar Pradesh, India. Swarachna has been built on pillars of equality, opportunity, and leadership, striving to provide holistic and value-based education with an emphasis on girls’ empowerment and education.

Why is supporting education of girls important?

When it comes to Girl Child Education in India, the numbers are quite troubling. India is home to 120 million adolescent girls and around 40% of adolescent girls aged 15-18 apparently have not seen a school in their lifetime. Uttar Pradesh (UP), where the Swarachna School is located, alone accounts for 20% of India’s adolescent girl population, it also accounts for the worst pupil-student ratio, learning levels, and highest school dropout rates.

Furthermore, the pandemic has expedited gender inequality.

What's Our Why?

Perfectly Average embodies the idea that every individual should feel comfortable in their skin and express themselves confidently and education plays a powerful role in the cultivation of that confidence and positive self-esteem required to help build a generation of empowered young women. Thus, we hope that this collaborative initiative with Milaan will help raise awareness surrounding the plight of adolescent girl’s education and overall well-being and will continue to encourage us and others in doing the best we can to create an equal and inclusive world.

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