PERFECTLY AVERAGE is an online fashion retailer brand for trendsetters. With modern clothes, scintillating jewellery, and timeless accessories, there is no limit to our creative minds.

Perfectly Average embodies the idea that every individual should feel comfortable in their skin and express themselves confidently.

Our goal is to introduce the latest and most remarkable pieces that will flatter our shoppers, their body types, wallets, and most importantly, their hearts.


The designs that we exhibit are fashionable and customized to meet your unique needs. We want our buyers to be in the spotlight of every event they go to for the distinctive clothing choice they make and for the new-found confidence that comes along with it.

We always like to say that it’s perfectly alright to be perfectly average. And, we hope that anyone who shops with us also starts believing in this mantra.


Tarushi Chhabra is a bona fide fashion enthusiast. From a young age, she was fascinated by bright colors, bold prints and statement choices. However, she realized that the stereotypical idea of beauty and euro-centric ideals limit people from truly embracing themselves. What’s ‘for a certain body type’ and what's not constrain people instead of letting them express themselves. She decided to create an Indian brand that represented the incredible variety of shapes, sizes, and forms amassed by the incredible people of this country. After pursuing a degree in Business Administration from Boston University, Tarushi set out on a journey to use her business expertise and combine it with her passion for fashion.

Tarushi believes that fashion is the most powerful art form and that clothes have the unique ability to influence one’s mood and love for self. Ultimately, she hopes to empower an entire generation through the language of fashion.